What women want in a Tinder profile: Part 1

The photos

The results are in and the women have spoken.

I surveyed a wide variety of women and asked them what photos they loved, what photos they hated,  what they wanted a man to give away in his profile and what they wish he would keep to himself.

In a nutshell, this is what I’ve concluded:

New Zealand women love a man on Tinder who is understated, confident and funny and who makes his intentions clear in his bio. They like seeing pictures of him engaging in his hobbies (as long as this does not involve motorbike riding or hunting), and no more than one selfie should be the norm.

So if you’re a guy – listen up – this isn’t hard but you need to take what I’m about to say to heart.

If you’re looking for a formula for your shots this is it.

  1. Great head shot
  2. Hobby shot
  3.  Suit shot
  4.  Friends / family shot

A great head shot

Start by getting the basics right.

A simple, quality shot of your head with you looking as good as possible. Don’t filter it too much, don’t pretend to be David Beckham and don’t take your shirt off.

We women just want to know that you’re a normal guy. Normal goes a long way here.

Hobby shots

Sean Rad, the co-founder of Tinder says, “our data shows that when your photo expresses something about your interests or personality, you do better and get more matches.”

But remember – you’re trying to get a GIRL friend not a male friend

So let’s address the hobbies of the ‘stereotypical Kiwi male’.

In this country, the outdoors are plentiful and it’s great to see men making the most of them. However, women are turned off if you seem too ‘cave man’ with your pursuits. So many men put hunting shots up, yet in my survey, 60% of women said it was an unattractive shot to have.

Hobbies that went down well though were fishing, cycling, hiking, boating. And if you’re a creative type then put up something like a shot of you at an art gallery.

The suit

“The suit is to women what lingerie is to men”.

A study conducted last year on Tinder photos showed women swiped far more on metrosexual men than those with beefed up bodies.

So hence we conclude what we’ve known all along – women like men who know how to scrub up well.

So once you’ve gone all Bear Grylls with a couple of hobby shots, dress up in a suit and show her how much you enjoy (or pretend enjoying) intelligent conversation about the world.

 The friends and family shot

What we’re looking for here is a glimpse into your life. What do you value and what types of people do you associate with?

To be honest, family shots are powerful here. Women love this. But make sure it doesn’t look like you already have a wife and kids. You at a wedding (in a suit) is okay however.

You in a large groups having fun or at a music festival or hiking is great. I want to know that if I’m with you, these are the people and the places we’ll be going to.

 Hot tips to remember

  • Selfies are okay – in moderation – maximum of one with a selfie stick though.
  • Women like cool locations – travel shots are great and outdoor shots look cool.
  • Keep the actual editing of the shots neutral and normal – don’t try and be too arty or cryptic.
  • Have a maximum of one shot of your friends / family in there – your profile is about you at the end of the day, not your funny friend Rob.


Coming up next week: Photos – The deal breakers!


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