What women want in a Tinder profile: Part 2

Photos: The Deal Breakers

Now before you go and take down all your drinking shots with the lads, hunting shots in the southern alps and the selfie you took with the hot Brazilian, here’s what you need to know.

The results from the survey I conducted are in and the women have spoken.

It seems women want a man who embodies the typical Kiwi traits of humble, hard working and outdoorsy, but they need to also see that they could fit into his lifestyle either through his hobbies or the tone in which he presents himself.

 1-Don’t try too hard

Interestingly, and far more so than I would have thought, Kiwi womens’ threshold for what’s deemed to be ‘trying too hard’ is very low. They don’t want black and white photos, photos that look overly posed and they don’t like it when you try and turn your bio into the next award winning ad for Saachi and Saachi.

According to women, the following are all examples of men who women believe have tried too hard.

“Model-ly poses never work,” says Tinder founder Sean Rad, who also advised against choosing group pictures.

So here’s the deal. Even if you’re a 10/10, women won’t swipe right on you if you have the following in your online photos.

Other women

The biggest turnoff across everyone I surveyed is seeing you with other women. Women wonder, why a man feels the need to do this if he’s looking for a date. Some women also felt intimidated if the women in your profile were super looking. Either way, you look insecure or arrogant. Don’t do it.

“Guys think they are giving their matches a litmus [test],” says dating expert, Laurie Davis, “but seeing a woman on the arm of someone you’re potentially looking to date is a turnoff.”

Many women in a big group could work well for you though. Studies have shown that men who surround themselves with attractive women are seen as more attractive.

Moral of the story – if you want women in your shots – have a few of them not just one.

Alcohol or multiple party shots

Come on guys, a woman wants to envision Saturday nights with you in some classy bar or restaurant NOT sitting at home while you have a boozy night with the boys. If you’re in the 28-35 age group women were even less likely to swipe right on you as they consider the ‘party’ days to more or less be winding down a little. By all means, present yourself having fun with friends but leave the alcohol and dance floor shots for your own personal albums.

Mirror selfies

Tinder should make a blanket ban on these. On the above image, 99% of women voted that this was a turn off rather than a turn on. Men, just because you like to see pictures of a woman’s body scantily dressed, it does not mean women want to see the same.

Immature poses

When I asked women what the first thing is that came to mind when looking at this image, ‘immature’ was ranked as the highest. Secondly came wiggy, then silly, then laid back then fun.

Guys, women dig maturity, they want to know that you can take care of yourself, a dog or even a child if it came along. And take out the ones with funny signs with arrows pointing at your nether regions.

So there you have it – it’s not rocket science. Have a few ‘normal’ well taken shots that show you enjoying life, not partying too much and not enjoying ‘other’ women while you’re trying to swipe right to actually pick one up.

Happy swiping!


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